Dr. Olson is a well known rhinoplasty surgeon nationally as well as internationally for her expertise in the area of rhinoplasty, revision rhinoplasty and nasal reconstruction.

Rhinoplasty is a perfect example of the blend of surgical precision with artistry. It is also one of the more complex surgical procedures in the sense that there is no room for error. Every detail must be analyzed and discussed with the patient at length prior to formulating a surgical plan. Photo modification can often help give the patient an idea of expected outcomes and answer questions about changes in the appearance of the nose.

A very important concept to consider in rhinoplasty is that the patient’s postoperative appearance should look very natural and fit their face, age and ethnicity. Equally as important is the careful attention in preserving and/or improving nasal airflow.

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A happy rhinoplasty patient is one who is pleased with the aesthetic outcome of their surgery and can also breathe well or better than before surgery.