Those individuals interested in facial rejuvenation to help combat the changes with aging will look to Dr. Olson’s expertise in facelift surgery.

A facelift can really turn back the clock and help provide that rejuvenated look you have been searching for. Different facelift techniques address different areas of the face and some also address the sagging neck. Our approach to facelifting has changed significantly over the past decade and focuses more on tissue repositioning to achieve a more natural, refreshed appearance than the older techniques of skin removal.

The different types of lifts I perform include mid-face lifts to restore that natural fullness to the face and deep plane lifts to help with the traditional changes seen with aging including sagging skin and jowling. Facelifts are often combined with neck lifts to help with the excess skin and sagging tissues of the neck and sometimes with browlifts to raise the eyebrows and restore that youthful appearance to the upper face we all desire.